Live Streaming For Success

New effective method that you can use to maximize your marketing reach.

As a successful owner of a local business for 28 years, I’ve seen a lot of changes to advertising, marketing, and the way people find out about awesome products and services.

The Internet and social media have exploded the landscape of business and finance, and things are changing quickly.


Maybe you are one of the many people having trouble keeping up. Word-of-mouth is still an invaluable resource for small businesses. Apps such as Periscope, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook are powerful tools that you can use to harness the marketing potential of your business.

Through my online program, you’ll be able to improve your network of clients at the touch of a button. You’ll know how to work the social media system to get what you want.
Live streaming is the new, effective method that you can use to maximize your marketing reach. Instead of being limited by location, live streaming apps such as Periscope, Instagram live YouTube live and Facebook live allow you to establish deeper connections with your customers.

People love seeing a face to a voice: it makes the communication seem less like an advertisement and more like a friendly update from a passionate business owner. Through live streaming, customers can ask questions and get to know more about your product than they ever could by printed media. Instead of spending money and time on signs or print-advertisement, customers can know about special deals, new products, and discounts with a single click of a button.

Don’t let your business stumble in the modern age of technology. With my online program,

You can master the modern tools of connecting with your customers, so that your business can thrive.

The online world doesn’t need to be a scary place where you may feel like an outsider or “out of date”.

With Live Streaming for Success, it will pass over all the knowledge and tips that have boosted my business and my love of community.

As with all technology, there are the dos and the don’ts. You’ll be rewarded with all the benefits of experience, but you won’t have to sacrifice all that extra time.

Live Stream for success program is easy to follow and insightful, with practical steps to help grow your business. I can assure you that live streaming is the way of the future, and those who can get on board fast will be the ones who stay on top!
After Live Streaming for success, you’ll be at the frontier of the future!
I am excited to invite you to become a founding member of this upcoming programme – Livestreaming Success for Small Businesses.
We will be meeting via zoom (a group conferencing platform) – if you can’t attend live the calls will be recorded and you will have access to them.
YES let me in!
Grow your bricks and mortar business using live video on social media!
$247 Only

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